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Responsive Design CMS Drupal Websites

WebMania Digital provides the very latest Drupal 7 Responsive Design CMS Websites (Content Management Systems). Whether you are reworking an existing site or creating one from a clean sheet, our expert team will realize your ultimate website with you, on time and within an affordable budget.

Our sites are not only marketing tools, they are brands in and of themselves, creating a lasting impression on your visitors. WebMania Digital Websites are designed in a fluid style so that site appearance and layout will automatically adjust to fit to any modern device, be it a PC, laptop, iPad, iPhone or Android smart phone.

Your content will automatically fit any images and text to adjust to each device’s screen. Forget pinch and zoom and hard to navigate sites where you often struggle, when using a mobile device, to complete even a basic form. All components on the sites that we develop deliver all text at optimum viewing size thus negating the need to pinch and zoom. Navigation buttons are optimised for ease of use - simply tap via finger or thumb on any smart phone or tablet and enjoy the rich content our sites deliver page by page. On larger laptop and desktop screens all content expands to make full use of the traditional viewing area. Precise attention is given to optimize all images to be as light as possible without pixelation. Page loading times are lightning fast even with slow Internet connections. The sites we design are extremely “Google-friendly”,  thus maximizing your online visibility within search results. Advanced SEO techniques including comprehensive Google Analytics are deployed throughout, and full Social Media Integration is in-built with every site.

WebMania Digital can also be found on Facebook, Google Plus, YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter and LinkedIn. Please browse our website for further information, email us or give us a call on +256 (0)790 416 000, +256 (0)792 228 256, +256 (0)757 228 256 or +256 (0)779 228 256.

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