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Two core principles of social media marketing are:

  • Create unique content in a variety of media.
  • Market and promote that content to your followers or audience on the channels that have been created and built.

The more engaged and the larger the tribes on these social media channels the greater the velocity and sharing that will result. 

At WebMania Digital we design custom social media pages for your company to maximize your online visibility using Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube and Pinterest. We help you connect with more of your present and potential clients, respond to their needs in real time and create a new route for marketing your company. Clients demand quick and interactive response. We enable you to meet their needs.

Internet users spend more time on Facebook than any other website. Over one billion people like and comment on Facebook an average of 3.2 billion times every day. A strong presence on Facebook gives you a significant advantage over your competitors. We create and manage your Facebook business page and group as well as PPC (Pay-Per-Click) campaigns, allowing you to connect with your customers on a more personal level. The average Facebook user has over 150 friends, so when someone likes your company, they will prompt their friends to do the same, a process which repeats over and over and increases exponentially.  It is an incredibly powerful tool for brand awareness and one we expertly manage for our clients

It’s imperative that you have a Google+ page for your business and diligently build up a network with other users. Google+ may become more important than Facebook or Twitter when it comes to deciding where to focus your limited time and effort because the content you share on this platform would have direct influence on your product’s Google search results, thus being easily found by Google users. Building an audience on Google+ may significantly improve your company’s search rankings.

YouTube is the second largest search engine on the web, after Google. YouTube usage statistics are over 2.9 billion hours. Most agencies, however, nearly always overlook YouTube when developing an SEO plan. But we understand the potential of effectively leveraging YouTube, and always advise clients to have a video account not only to raise brand awareness, but to add a different dimension to your content.

Pinterest is arguably the hottest social platform on the web today, currently exceeding the number of users that Twitter and Facebook had after two years of operation. Pinterest is a social network, which allows users to create a thematic virtual vision board on which they “pin” images or videos that the company finds beautiful, useful or compelling. These images attract “followers” worldwide who can “like”, “comment-on” or “re-pin” images that resonate with them in some fashion. It’s this visual and interactive nature of Pinterest that has made it popular. Pinterest is a must for businesses that sell visually interesting products or services such as jewelry, clothing, catering services, crafts, handbags, vacation destinations, etc. Even the most visually dry company can exhibit images that reflect the company’s culture by pinning pictures of company events, charitable functions or even executive headshots with corresponding bios.

Twitter is a real-time information network that connects you to the latest stories, ideas, opinions and news that you find interesting. You simply identify the accounts you find most compelling and follow their conversations. Twitter offers businesses an easy way to reach an engaged audience by connecting businesses to customers in real time.  Businesses use Twitter to quickly share information with people (followers) interested in their products and services, gather real-time market intelligence and feedback, and build relationships with customers, partners and influencers.  The micro-blogging features of Twitter allow brands to make speedy announcements to visitors who have chosen to “follow” them. Twitter posts (tweets) can also include links to the company’s website if the customer following the tweet would like to know more. While Twitter is not commonly used in Africa, it’s very popular in America, Europe, Australia and Asia. Social media experts at Webmania Digital will help you leverage Twitter to get your message to a wide audience.  

LinkedIn is a social network with over 53 million users that enables you to make better use of your professional network. It is a great place to network professionally, post and find jobs, answer questions and build thought leadership. It is probably the most obvious way to identify influential individuals at specific organisations. It is a great tool to leverage your existing contacts to connect with people and find potential customers online.

When it comes to using social media for business, many put LinkedIn at the top of the list. You will need to create a profile, connect with colleagues and have conversations with customers.

LinkedIn has great tools for connecting you to customers, prospects and industry thought leaders alike. WebMania Digital helps you build and uniquely optimize your LinkedIn profile, start and manage a LinkedIn group, and to use LinkedIn for lead generation.

WebMania Digital can be found on Facebook, Google Plus, YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter and LinkedIn. Please browse our website for further information, email us or give us a call on +256 (0)790 416 000, +256 (0)792 228 256, +256 (0)757 228 256 or +256 (0) 779 228 256.


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