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If you are looking to make your work meeting more productive, here are three tips you can learn from former Apple CEO, Steve Jobs.

1. Keep meetings as small as possible.
According to longtime Jobs collaborator Ken Segall, there was one instance when Jobs spotted someone new at a meeting who was asked to join since she was part of related marketing projects. Jobs politely told her that she was not needed in the meeting.

2. Make sure someone is responsible for each item on the agenda.
An “accountablity mindset” was at the core of Job’s mentality and processes were put in place to ensure that everyone knew who was responsible for what. According to a 2011 feature in Fortune investigating Apple’s culture, reporter Adam Lashinsky explains Internal Applespeak called the “DRI” or directly responsible individual, whose name will be next to each action item.
A previous iPod team employee, Gloria Lin, has even adopted this for her team in her current company, and has written about how DRI works. She says, “When you feel like something is your baby, then you really, really care about how it’s doing”.

3. Steve Jobs did not let anyone hide behind PowerPoint.
Jobs has said that he “hates the way people use slide presentations instead of thinking”. He disliked formal presentations and preferred “freewheeling face-to-face meetings”. He is said to have held agenda-less meetings with his marketing and advertising teams every Wednesday afternoons, to allow them to debate passionately and think critically without technology.